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  • Documenting: Creating a Block Based Theme for a Large Website – Part 2

    Gotta work on the menu and then make the menu like my own, my own plugin. So we went on to worry about that technique. That’s working the menu tab it like the z index. Not avoid to make the z index, not in filters. I also have to change the slash and every single […]

  • Documenting: Modifying The WooCommerce-Blocks checkout process. Part 1

    Okay. So what I want to do is I want to modify to check out to have it so like the the billing things already always on. I would like to fire the following events but because of the virtual DOM I can’t just append scripts like we could in the legacy way. Also, I […]

  • Documenting: Familiarizing with MotoPress Mega Menu.

    Okay, I would like to have a project where I enter a WordPress URL and then an automated tool turns it into a fully functioning website. However, the part I’ve noticed with the FSE is the mega menu and just menus in general. It appears that you can’t REALLY start from scratch, you have to […]

  • Documenting: Building a Basic Gutenberg Block

    New Day: Fri 09 Sep 2022 10:14:52 AM CDT You need to run npm run start while developing or make changes and then run npm run build. Starting this project off I wish these advancements in WordPress would have come 2 years prior as I way more knowledgeable on React then than I am now. […]

  • Documenting: Deciphering A Complex Ajax Call in WordPress

    New Day: Tue 23 Aug 2022 06:19:42 PM CDT I will be referencing this stackoverflow answer related to an AJAX operation which changes a radio view. stackoverflow answer The answer says in order for this to work we have to manipulate the shopping sessions data. If you would to view the step by step process […]

  • Documenting: Familiarizing Block Based Themes

    New Day: Mon 21 Aug 2022 12:00:00 PM CDT This article is a partner article to this article. I would like to use BBT and FSE to replace the plugins I am using. talk on how to develop BBT: Templates are HTML files that contain a full page of layout. They follow the same hierarchy […]

  • Documenting: Creating A Zip Code Validator for WordPress

    New Day: Fri 19 Aug 2022 05:12:59 PM CDT The problem is if I want to prevent the user from continuing I have to instantiate the $error object which makes things touch because I have to communicate between JavaScript and php, which is tough. I attempted to use Cookies for the problem but that didn’t […]

  • Documenting: Familiarizing with Cookies

    New Day: Thu 18 Aug 2022 10:15:05 PM CDT Okay, I have this issue where I would like to run the business logic of my JavaScript but I couldn’t I looked up on Google ‘call javascript function as a parameter in php’. But that didn’t really work because php only see JavaScript as a series […]

  • Documenting: Creating a Block Based Theme for a Large Website – Part 1

    New Day: Thu 18 Aug 2022 02:03:46 PM CDT Okay, I generated the block based theme and now it’s time to customize it to mirror the reference site. So far, I don’t have the menu. It doesn’t appear the theme automatically doesn’t comes with menu. Alright let’s look into this site on how they handle […]

  • Documenting: Replacing LocalWP with wp-env on Linux Mint

    New Day: Tue 16 Aug 2022 09:37:22 AM CDT Alright before I start this I think LocalWP is really dope and is certainly an improvement upon the method used prior of working on a remote server or running a XAMP install on your local machine. I am very grateful that the upcoming generations have a […]